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3V Product Development

Opportunities, Concepts, Engineering, and Design

Why us?
  • Reliable partner focused on successful and value added outcomes.
  • Skilled practitioners providing impact from product and technology innovation to market launch.
  • Experienced professionals to advise/lead/supplement client teams and provide product and design perspective and insight.
    • Background in diverse working environments enables rapid team integration and fit.
    • Breadth of product engineering and innovation; consumer, medical, food service, and industrial products, enabling "cross pollination" of solutions.
    • Comfort with globally diverse, internal and external cross functional collaboration and team building.
  • Experience with, and understanding of, China design and manufacturing environment and processes.
  • Engineering and design solutions with a understanding and filter for market and business needs.
  • Market opportunities and possibilities with an engineering, manufacturing and operational filter.
  • Critical thinking; challenging assumptions and solutions to extract the right answers.


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